Pose Thumbnails

We went through more than the usual number of pose options to capture the character’s body language. Despite the brief describing his quarterstaff, that “this guy punches things” was the key direction I needed to come up with a “flying punch” pose that still incorporated the quarterstaff.

Detail Sketch

As a monk – the martial artist of the fantasy adventure world – I went with a modified gi and loose-fitting outfit that conformed to the character description. His likeness was to be inspired by Matt Mercer (a voice actor and star of the D&D “actual play” series, Critical Role), who one might describe as having elfin features.

Lines and Colours

The colour palette provided called for cool, neutral colours, to which I added a dark accent in the shoulder pieces, bracers, obi and shoes.

Rayne, Elf Monk

I was commissioned to illustrate this male elf monk Dungeons & Dragons character by one player to be given as a gift to another.

Monks are the martial artists of the fantasy roleplaying adventure world whose punches and kicks are bolstered by a particularly spiritual magic called Ki. Elves in this world are usually lean, light and graceful in their movements, making for effective monks..

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