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Examples of my tabletop game and gaming accessory design and production. Need something designed?


NearFuture5e Shard City is a rules supplement and campaign setting designed for playing modern/sci-fi heroes in a dystopian near-future setting using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Rules. Central to the design was to create symbolic near-future equivalents of the original, medieval fantasy character classes. For example, the sword-wielding Fighter evolves into the Soldier, reminiscent of a military contractor with expertise in firearms and explosives.

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'NearFuture5e Shard City cover art' by Joe Nittoly
'A-SEC Enforcer' by Joe Nittoly
'Sample NearFuture5e Weapon Designs' by Joe Nittoly
'Technologist Class Layout' by Joe Nittoly
'Savateur - Free Runner Class Layout' by Joe Nittoly
NearFuture5e Gaming Geek Minis

Gaming Geek Minis

Gaming Geek Minis are for tabletop games that use of 28-30mm scale miniatures. Each figure is printed on cardstock, double-sided with front and back artwork, and die-cut to shape. They’re more affordable than resin-cast minis, sturdier than print-it-yourself paper minis, and easier to use than both. Just slot each figure into the stands provide and you’re ready for battle!


If you’re a game designer in need of an affordable alternative to costly metal or plastic miniatures, consider hiring me to design original custom miniatures in any style, tone or genre. If you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund your game, just having a few samples up-front to show your audience can help build hype.

Northlandic Humans Gaming Geek Minis
Undead Skeletons Gaming Geek Minis
Helmsguard Mercenaries Gaming Geek Minis