Pose Thumbnails

Danicka is a spell-casting character carrying a broom who is described as shy and meek, so I came up with 3 pose options that convey those traits to varying degrees. 

The client chose Pose B for Danicka. I proceeded to draw 3 poses for her vicious desert dog companion that complimented the character’s pose. I referred to bull terrier and hyena photos to come up with the dog’s shape. 

Detail Sketch

With the poses selected, I proceeded to sketch the details of Danicka and her vicious dog. I wanted to convey an expression of concern, perhaps over who or what Prickles might eat next. It was particularly fun to design the belt harness that holds her collection of spell scrolls, magic wands, and potion bottles. I like to think that such accessories are commonplace in a world where wizards and sorcerers exist. 

Lines and Colours

Danicka’s wardrobe is as unassuming as she is, so I kept her colour scheme subdued. However, I added subtle hints of colour, such as in her gloves and the tint of her spectacles, because I imagined that she might allow her subdued personality to emerge in those little ways. 

For the final, I chose to divide the background into different colour gradients to hint at the diverse origins of both characters who are now paired for their ongoing adventures. 

Danicka & Prickles

Danicka, a human female wizard-druid multi-class character, with her Thuvian desert dog animal companion, Prickles. The main character is a shy, meek spell-caster who uses only non-lethal magic against her enemies. 

A Thuvian desert dog is a fictional creature described as a robust hyena, so the end result is a cross between a hyena and a bull terrier. 

This illustration was commissioned by the husband of a Pathfinder player to be given as a Mother’s Day gift by he and their children.

You can learn more about this most interesting character at d20 Diaries

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