Game Design

My forays into tabletop role-playing game (RPG) design so far include producing my own line of 2D fantasy miniatures to represent players and their adversaries on the tabletop, along with seamlessly tiling terrain tiles on which to play out their skirmishes.

Most of the game accessories I produce for the RPG gaming market spring from my own wants and needs as both a lifelong tabletop RPG player and a regular Game Master. In other words, I’m part of my target audience.

Currently, I’m also in the process of designing my own novice-friendly RPG system as well as a set of simple rules for playing tabletop miniatures battles for which my miniatures would be well suited. More news on those to come.

Pasiphilo’s Paper Minis

This set of Rogues is just one example of my original sets of double-sided, die-cut, 28mm fantasy gaming miniatures. Each figure is uniquely posed and designed to, in this case, represent one of six variations of the “rogue” fantasy gaming archetype – from the cunning spy to the dungeon delver to the assassin.

All my sets of miniatures – including undead skeletons, reptilian humanoids, and savage orcs – are available at as well as in my Etsy Store.

Check out my free paper minis, too!


If you’re a game designer in need of an affordable alternative to costly metal or plastic miniatures, consider licensing my miniatures for use in your game. Feel free to contact me with your needs and intended use.



Need something more unique? You can commission me to design original custom miniatures in any style, tone or genre. If you’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund your game, just having a few samples up-front to show your audience can help build hype.