'Hiker' Joe


I’m an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I began drawing as a child and trained in a variety of styles and disciplines, from life drawing to sculpture, throughout secondary school. With the rise of the Web in the nineties, I fell under the spell of New Media and detoured into a web design career for over a decade before returning to artistic pursuits in the early 2010’s.

I’m currently developing an original graphic novel centred on characters I created for Dungeons & Dragons that I’ve since transplanted into a mythic world of my own design. As a lifelong fan of D&D and similar fantasy games, I’ve also created my own line of tabletop role-playing game (RPG) miniatures as well as custom dice bags bearing my own fantasy logo designs.

Among other extracurricular activities, I’m an organizer of the #Toronto DeviantART group’s monthly meetups; I make the annual cosplay pilgrimage to Anime North; and I venture solo into the Algonquin Park interior for days on end. I live, work and play in Richmond Hill, Ontario.